Fiona Mobbs Your Stylist In A Box

A little box of inspiration to help you feel a million dollars every day

‘Your Stylist in a Box’ is a revolutionary new style guide for the fashion industry. A set of beautifully presented cards, packed full of tips, encouragement, and inspiration, on how to upgrade your style and appearance.

Understanding the impact of your clothes can simplify your style choices, add fun to getting dressed, and boost your confidence and appeal.

Your first box will include 20 cards with tips and helpful insights on topics such as how the addition of a simple splash of colour can revitalise an outfit, the art of layering, the importance of selecting the right neckline for your neck and bust, decluttering and so much more.

You can choose to sign-up to receive future cards if you’d like to continue your journey of self-discovery, covering topics such as the impact footwear has on an outfit, what hair colour would suit your skin tone, the impact of stripes, to name a few, as well as gaining access to new and exclusive, downloadable content.

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Why should you treat yourself to Your Stylist in a Box?

If you have a wardrobe crammed full of clothes, but you can never find anything to wear, don’t despair, the advice, encouragement, and inspiration in your little box of cards will teach you how to:

  • Make the most of your clothes by suggesting new combinations
  • Step outside your comfort zone and swap your trusted favourites for something new
  • Keep a note of compliments you’ve received for a particular look so you can repeat it
  • Dive into the world of colour combinations
  • Consider accessorising to enhance your look
  • Unlock advice to help you shop cost-effectively

Designed by a Personal Stylist with over fifteen years’ experience helping women look great and feel confident in their own skin, Fiona has packed all her experience into this elegant and stylish pocket-sized box of inspiration.

A note from Fiona, creator of ‘Your Stylist in a Box’

Welcome to ‘Your Stylist in a Box’. Helping women to feel confident about their appearance, experiment with new styles, colours, and textures, and to revamp their wardrobes, is such a rewarding vocation; it’s amazing to see confidences grow, as when you look good, you feel good inside.

Personal Stylists can help you achieve your ultimate image goals by giving fashion inspiration to create a look that works specifically for you and your lifestyle. If you’re not comfortable seeking help and would prefer to find inspiration for yourself, then ‘Your Stylist in a Box’ is the perfect solution.

Inside your box you will find 20 thought-provoking cards which cover many aspects of your appearance. You’ll be able to download material related to some of the cards and order additional inspirational cards on a range of topics when you sign up to the website.

I’d love to hear how the cards have impacted your choices and boosted your confidence. We each have a unique visual impact on those around us and sharing your journey of self-discovery could help inspire other ladies to step out of their comfort zone and experiment. Click here to get in touch.

If you have a family member or friend who could do with a boost and help with their image, why not buy the set as a gift?

Confidence and style in a box for everyone.


Best wishes, Fiona

Fiona Mobbs Your Stylist In A Box

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Starter set of cards


A set of twenty beautifully presented cards, packed full of tips and advice so that every woman can access style secrets every day.

Topics covered include making the most of your existing wardrobe, wearing layers, necklines, colour in outfits, textures and patterns, and much more.  ‘Your Stylist In A Box’ would also make a thoughtful gift.



‘Your Stylist In A Box’ is a tiny revolution for the fashion industry, allowing every woman to access some of the secrets of the styling industry every day.  Designed by a personal stylist with over fifteen years’ experience helping women look good and feel great, she has packed all that knowledge into this smartly presented box and quality-feel cards. Whether you have been colour analysed or had input from a personal stylist before or not, with your box you will: – be guided to think more widely about topics, which are things you would discuss with your personal stylist, and you will have on hand 24/7. – get clothing tips to help you make the most of your wardrobe. – unlock fashion secrets to help you shop cost-effectively; and – have a beautiful box where you can keep all your information in one place ‘Your Stylist In A Box’ is handbag-sized so you can take them shopping or on holiday with you, or leave them on your dressing table to refer to every day. Purchasing this box allows you to access exclusive, downloadable content with even more tips and you can sign up to be kept informed when new cards or downloads are available or updated cards are published.


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